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Weekly & Monthly Patient Education Classes

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Above and Beyond Holistic Wellness Center

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How to Attract More Abundance into Your Life

Attend this talk and discover:

• Understanding the Law of Attraction

• How Success can be built using a vision board

• How to use visualization and affirmation to attract more abundance

• How to harness the power of the universe to help you attract what you want

These practical and easy to use stategies can be used immediately to attract your goals and outcomes without having to chase them!

How to Develop Emotional Mastery

Attend this health talk and discover:

• The importance of Physiology

• The 6 basic human needs that drive human behavior

• How to change your state of mind

Dr. Roger Sahoury can show you how to vastly increase your personal power by creating consciousness over your emotional state!

How to Reduce Stress

Attend this talk and discover:

• Relaxation techniques that you can utilize regularly

• How to train the mind to focus in on empowering thoughts and feelings

• How to utilize stress as leverage to regain happiness

• Strategies to create solutions in the most difficult challenges

• A visualization to reduce stress (with audience participation)

How to Turn Your Dreams into Reality: Master Steps to Achieving your goals!

Attend this health talk and discover:

• How to raise your standards

• How to change your limiting beliefs to gain sustainable results

• How to change your strategies

• How to manifest your goals

• Power of visualization

• Law of attraction

Holistic Healthcare: The Secret of Natural Beauty!

Attend this health talk and discover:

• How hormones affect the aging process

• How to prevent sugar from affecting your metabolism

• How to create a youthful mindset

• Why anti-oxidants play such a vital role

• What foods speed up and slow down aging

"10 Steps to maximize Your Energy"

Attend this health talk and discover:

• The powerful benefits of proper breathing

• Daily affirmations that boost energy levels

• Latest information on juicing and wheatgrass

• The benefits of maximum nourishment

• The advantages of aerobic exercise

• Visualization exercise (with audience participation)

Eat to Live

Attend this health talk and discover:

• The gift of living water

• The power of raw foods

• The damaging effects of dairy and processed foods

• How to follow through with your health goals

• The importance of an alkaline diet

How to Master Control of Your Health Using the "6 Steps to Wellness" Program!

Attend this health talk and discover:

• How to cope with allergies naturally

• Whole food Supplements that boost energy levels

• Detoxifying methods

• How to protect yourself from electromagnetic pollution

• The importance of structural support

• Techniques to release + replace negative thoughts and emotions with empowering ones

How to Enjoy Losing Weight

Attend this health talk and discover:

• The secret of alkalizing and weight loss

• How to rid your body of toxins that cause weight gain

• How allergies can affect your weight

• How to balance your hormones for rapid weight loss

• How nutrition and supplements play a vital role in weight loss

• How to have the unconscious mind help you facilitate weight loss

How Holistic Healthcare Improves Your Health and Well Being

Attend this health talk and discover:

• An overview of all the therapies in our office

• The six interferences to optimal health

• The power of muscle testing (Applied Kinesiology)

• Why whole food supplementation are superior to nutrition

• How emotions can affect your health

• What is a D-Tox footbath and what is its importance

• How Red Light Therapy (cold laser) promotes healing and decreases chronic pain