Chiropractic Pre & Post X-Rays

B.G - 53 year old male

case 1 x-ray

The first x-ray of B.G shows a posterior head translation that has been causing the C5-6 disc to degenerate and a bone spur to grow on the posterior side of C5 into the spinal canal. It is causing left shoulder pain and arm weakness. The second x-ray (taken 4/05) is after 90 days and 36 visits of specific chiropractic adjustments and extension compression traction. His correction is not yet complete.

Lindsey W. - 10 years old

case 2 x-ray

Lindsey was brought to our office because she had headaches daily for over a year after a car accident several years before. After no x-rays and exceeding her maximum lifetime dosage of Tylenol in 1 year at the recommendation of the doctors at the hospital, her mother (a nurse at the same hospital) brought her for chiropractic care as a last resort.

Her 1st x-ray shows a 36mm anterior weight bearing which is stretching her spinal cord and putting serious pressure on her brain stem. The second x-ray shows her cervical spine after 90 days of being adjusted and extension tractioning 3 times per week. Her symptoms were completely gone at this point, but her spine was only 50% corrected. The last x-ray was taken after approximately 12 months. She was then being adjusted once every 2 weeks. No Tylenol or headaches for over 9 months!

Larry L. - 58 Years Old

case 3 x-ray

Larry came to chiropractic after experiencing almost 20 years of low back and leg pain that was getting more frequent and more severe each time.

The first x-ray was on day 1, and shows a large left thoracic translation, L3-4 disc degeneration, and bone spurring (degenerative bone and disc disease). Just like with all of the other chiropractors he had seen over the years, his pain was gone after about 2 weeks of adjustments, but it took a full 12 months to correct his spine 100% (the second x-ray). There we can see the disc has regenerated completely, and his bone spurs are resorbing (getting smaller)!

Linda E. - 49 Years Old

case 4 x-ray

Linda was a hospital administrator who entered the office after more than a year of daily headaches and increasing numbness, tingling, and progressive muscle weakness in her hands. Her medical care consisted of 3 medications and surgery on the horizon. No x-rays were taken!

In her first x-ray, we can see a reversed cervical curve, large bone spurs at C4-5, and only 3mm of disc space remaining. This is stretching her spinal cord and literally choking the life out of her C4-5 nerves (to her arms and hands). By the 3rd month of her care, Linda had been adjusted and completed cervical extension traction 3 times per week in the office, and even though all of her symptoms were gone, her curve was only 20-25% corrected. The last film in this series shows almost 100% correction after 15 months. Her C4-5 disc is now 8mm and regenerating! ...and to think that her C4 & 5 vertebrea would have fused within the next 5 years!