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Dr. Roger Sahoury is a Chiropractor in Paramus New Jersey and a mentor to many chiropractors. Dr. Sahoury's Paramus Chiropractic and Wellness facility is unique and different because it utilizes advanced computerized technology that can detect the hidden causes of any health problem with over 50 different techniques to correct the physical, chemical, and emotional blockages that can take place. What makes us different from most offices is that Dr. Roger Sahoury focuses on correcting the cause instead of treating any symptoms or masking the problem.

God created your body to be healthy. There is a power within each one of us which is our gift from God called life and it flows from the brain down the spinal cord over the nerves to each cell, organ, tissue, and system within the body. Physical, chemical, and emotional stress can cause blockages in the way life is expressed in the body. The block in the expression of life leads to malfunction, dis-ease, and symptoms. By correcting those blockages we realign the person to the power within called life and only that power can restore function, healing, and health from within. There is no condition or symptom that God cannot
heal. All we do is provide the proper environment so that healing may take place from within. The only thing that comes between you and your health is your body not functioning and healing properly.

We find the cause, correct it, and allow life to be restored. We add years to people's lives and lives to their years. We prevent healthy people from becoming sick and help sick people get healthy.

When we say we want you to be part of our family, we truly mean it. That is why we plan so many special events for you during the year. Our patient appreciation days, special events, and outreach programs in the community give us a chance to show you, your family, and your friends how much we care about you . . . in and out of the office!

Come join our extended families of healthy, happy individuals.

We give your whole family complete care. Spinal health maintenance should begin in childhood. And with that in mind, Our Paramus Chiropractic office takes care of your little ones, too. We care for problems common to fast-growing children, like curvature of the spine (scoliosis) or pigeon toeing. Often these are really signs of joint alignment problems brought on by rapid or uneven growth.

We provide compete and gentle relief from injuries common to the childhood years. And most importantly, we give you a prevention and maintenance plan for your child's spine so it grows strong and healthy.

For more information or to schedule a consultation and/or exam in our Paramus Chiropractic and wellness center, call us today at 201-265-0555.

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